Friday, 27 December 2013

Simple Makeup Tutorial


So first step is, apply bb cream or foundation or cc cream or any kind of cream you like. This time I applied bb cream because I want something light and not too heavy. But for normal day, I normally prefer foundation, only in this tutorial I feel like using BB cream. BB cream is great for those who doesn't like thick foundation texture. ^^

Then, you may blush you cheeks with your preference color. Some people doesn't like blusher because they feel the color is too strong and bright. To get natural blush color, you may control the amount of powder and instead of swiping the blush on cheek, maybe you can slowly dab the powder on cheeks. This would helps you to control the amount of powder applied. 


To make the eyeshadow stay all day long , apply eyeshadow base or any cream shadow all over the lids. In this tutorial, I'm using Maybelline Color Tatoo in Bold Gold. Do not forget to fill in the your brow gaps with natural eyebrow color. If you do not know how to shape it, just fill in it and blend it naturally. :) 

For the eyeshadow, I used Maybelline Quad eyeshadow palette in Copper Brown.

Number 1)  Apply the shade all over the lids
Number 2) Apply the shade number 2 on eyebrow bone, just to highlight the bone.
Number 3) Apply the shade at the crease/ eye socket. Gently blend inward and outward.

What is Eye socket/ crease? 
This is a great question. You may proceed to the next photo.

This is the crease/ eye socket. Just follow your eyeball shape and blending it out! Normally, people apply dark color at this shape to contour and make the eyes look bigger and depth.

Next, to make the eyes look bigger and sharp, apply some eyeshadow at the bottom of the eyes (refer to the photo) I applied shade number 1. 

For eyeliner, the first step is do little wings at the end of eyes. Then, start do quarter or half eyeliner at the end of the eyes and join with the wings.
Basically this method you make your life easier. Sometimes if we do full eyeliner, one eye will look bigger than another one. With this method, tendency to do mistake is low. If do, just take cotton bud (mix with eye remover), remove a bit, and cover it with eyeshadow. Do it again, slowly and steady. 

For bottom eyeliner, half at the end of eyes, I applied pencil eyeliner in black from Maybelline and another half toward inner corner of the eyes, I applied gold eyeliner pencil from Silkygirl. 
Optional: Apply silver eyeliner on the waterline. 

So for the lips, I give you 3 options. 

One, just use Lip Ice, giving you natural moisturized lips color. 

Second, use lipstick, just dab evenly on lips. Do not swipe, this is to avoid heavy lips color look. 

Third is by using lip tint/ gloss stain or any kind of tinted lip products in the market. Just apply at the centre of the lips and Muaaah! done. This is called, Korean style babe! 

Well, this is the finish look for the simple day makeup tutorial. 
Hope you enjoyed reading this simple tutorial! 

Ops! Fail poses!

Wiida Ribbon


  1. you look soo cute and gorgeous wiida!!
    adore your skin btw..

    I just noticed that your hair getting longer than before!! Pretty :)

  2. kalau rambut pendek nampak lain
    comey :)
    eyeshdow tu awesome!

    1. ye ke? haha. tu la, kadang2 terasa nak potong rambut pendek tapi sayang. hahaha
      Eyeshadow tu mmg best <3

  3. You are so pretty!
    I love how clean this look is! >u<
    Thank you for the tutorial~

    Also, I really love the top you have on! May I ask where you got it? c:

    1. Thank you. The top? oh, I bought it during my last Singapore trip at a flea market. It is just unbranded top. ^^

  4. comel nya wiida..suka tgk wiida..muka flawless sgt2..:)

    1. hehe. kak asyik, ni kuasa dua kamera Sony NEX 3N. hahaha. (malu, tp itu la hakikatnye) heheh

  5. It looks so good! I have that eyeshadow trio, too. The colors are so pretty. Great post! ;D

  6. hello :) i just discovered your blog and it is awesome! u r so cute! btw can you do what's in ur makeup bag and eyebrow tutorial without plucking? thank youuuu i love your blog! <3

  7. I love the eyeshadow colors! And damn girl, your poses are hot!! ��

  8. I love it!! More tutorial please wiida!


  9. ilove this blog thank you so much

  10. So pretty!!! Very simple & elegant.. I will be more than happy if you could check out my beauty blog too! ❤ xoxo


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